5 Places to leave your AVON Brochures

There is a lot of information out there that suggests many places to leave your brochures.  As a new representative a list that big gives you a lot of fabulous ideas but it does not help you to focus on your first few weeks and develop a skilled plan that will work for you.  If you are anything like me, when I have many ideas swirling in my head, it is more challenging to target in and focus on one plan to do well.

Here is a great list for your first campaign as a REP – setting goals one campaign at a time is a SMART way to begin your journey with AVON:

1.  Family and Friends.  Don’t just put it in their hands- take some time and go through the book with each of them in mind.  Spend some time flagging items you think they would enjoy.  Most people love suggestions !

2.  Your place of employment .  Bring a stack of brochures in and leave them on your desk.  You will get questions immediately.  Share your enthusiasm with your colleagues.  That alone will motivate them to support your new endeavor.  Be careful however on when you share this information.  You do not want a conflict of interest in selling during work hours.

3.  Doctor’s offices.  There are always a lot of magazines to look at.  Add your AVON brochure to the pile.  While you are waiting for your appointment, make sure you are flipping through a brochure.  This might entice someone else waiting to ask you a question about AVON.

4.  While out to eat, leave a brochure with your tip.  Make sure to write a note of thanks for the great service .

5.  Laundry Mats.  These are a great place to leave brochures.  You have a captive audience there for at least an hour !

This list is more than achievable for your first campaign.  Once you have done these 5, come up with 5 of your own.  Ready? Set ? AVON !!!



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